Riding Teams Home to Home Insurance.

TE.MI.KA. Ltd takes great pride in the riding teams that has under its employment. Attending vessels in situ requires experienced and specialized technicians who can thoroughly and successfully complete works requested by our customers. Evidently, our goal is to guarantee that our technicians are able to gain access to the best available medical services and also to ensure our clients are fully covered  as well.


Our aim is to give peace of mind both to our clients and our riding teams by ensuring that our technicians, whenever and wherever they travel, have in their disposal top quality insurance services, providing them with the best treatment available from day 1 of their travel until their repatriation. Our customers are fully covered in case medical or non-medical issues occur during technicians’ attendances. As of 2017, TE.MI.KA. experienced riding teams are covered by special contract ‘Home to Home’ Insurance of Bupa Insurance Ltd. programme.