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Scrubber On Sail Installation Services

Scrubber On Sail Installation Services


TE.MI.KA became one of the first companies of the marine sector to undertake the full installation and retrofitting of “scrubbers” while offering the innovative service of fitting the system when the vessel is actually on sail. This “on sail” installation allows the Owner to reduce the off-hire time.As per our established “Riding Team” service the company deploys highly qualified and trained service engineers to carry out the retrofitting riding works. All our technicians are certified and insured with long seagoing experience, supported 24/7 by our office.

The company undertakes the full implementation, supervision and close monitoring of all scrubber installation activities and has appointed seasoned scrubber technical supervisors to report and attend the vessels.
Following our value to always ensure the most efficient delivery of every project, the company is planning also to undertake full installation of the scrubber system on berth inclusive of Riding Teams and metal constructions required.Our advantage of long marine construction experience allows us to integrate every stage of the installation, providing top quality and cost-effective solutions in favor of the Owner.

Our company is working with professionalism, swiftness and consistency on the side to the Owner, since the IMO resolution requirements must be met within a very short time frame.At this moment, TE.MI.KA has successfully completed the 10 Scrubber on sail installation and proudly continues with the installation of a significant number of very large dry bulk carriers. Only for 2019 we estimate more than 1000 attendance days and more than 120 technicians to be occupied on the activities.