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Our Training

TEMIKA LTD is innovating by providing Maritime Companies a training procedure for all Chief Engineers before they board their vessels and resume their responsibilities.
This way the Chief Engineer receives quality training while Maritime Company can release an incompetent candidate, avoiding further consequences and damages on board. Our Training Center is equipped with a Seagull Computer where Chief Engineers perform training and tests modules in order to evaluate their competence.  


Training Program consists of the following steps:

  1. Demonstration for the proper operation of critical tools and equipment, such as: lathe machine, fuel valve tester (pressure test), m/e cylinder cover (proper and uniform tightening), m/e exhaust valve spindle and seat gridding machine operation test, etc.
  2. Once above is complete, the Chief Engineers perform a training section/module (including tests) at Seagull Computer. All modules in Seagull are selected in order to cover majority of e/r operations, such purification, lubricants, cooling, cranes, etc.
  3. TE.MI.KA. is assessing each of these demonstrations/actual performances and Seagull tests results and provides an evaluation report to the Maritime Company involved.


Our Technology

TE.MI.KA. facilities are equipped with the latest in repair and test equipment and include modern machine shops, and turbocharger reconditioning centers.  


Committed to a continuous improvement philosophy, TE.MI.KA. also offers the very latest multi-technique information System, OneProd XPROneProd XPR System is devoted to predictive maintenance and allowing for the acquisition of vibration, process, oil or thermographic measurements in order to identify or predict the occurrence of problems on a wide variety of industrial rotating machines. 

The FALCON automatic diagnosis engine packs ONEPROD’s 25 years of experience in vibration monitoring for condition-based maintenance. Validated in real-life situations and on historical data from numerous companies, FALCON provides automatic diagnosis with unequalled accuracy and reliability of over 80 percent.


FALCON provides the best that technology has to offer, in an innovative product meeting the needs of all users. Powerful yet easy to use, FALCON makes optimum productivity available immediately. Right from the outset,FALCON stands out with its wireless sensor, large color touch screen, and automatic detection of measurement points via QR Codes, built-in accessories including a pyrometer, stroboscope and camera, shock-resistant design, and more.


Any user can now set up vibration monitoring configurations with no expert assistance: All it takes is a straightforward kinematic description of the machine in the visual tool.


FALCON’s built-in automatic diagnosis module provides unbeatably relevant and dependable results. All faults commonly encountered in industry, such as unbalance, misalignment, defective mountings, looseness, friction, structural resonance, lubrication defects, bearing defects, gear defects, pump cavitation and more, are detected.Faults are identified in clear and accurate language, and displayed with an associated confidence level. The result, displayed instantaneously, can be understood by all.