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TE.MI.KA Ltd Certificate

TE.MI.KA’s activities are mainly the repairs and maintenance of vessels and marine spare parts trading. The vision and goal of the company is to be a model of an organized corporate entity that canmaintain and improve the trust that the customers have on services and products provided. The main target is the constant improvement of the quality related to the provided products and services in such way that depicts the consideration towards the environment and the people. The whole of the company’s activity is oriented to ensure the customer’s satisfaction. The key to our so far successful development, is the way we achieve to have a relationship of trust with our customers and with our collaborators, namely: engineers, marine engineer offices, naval architects, and private and corporate entities for whom our company has executed high standard projects and products provision. Within this frame, TE.MI.KA is implementing and integrated Management System according to the International Standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

Company’s basic strategic lines are:

 Quality’s constant improvement by materializing and auditing the annual objectives are driven byand aiming to the compliance with the customers’ requirements compliance, the compliance of the interested parties and of the quality standards related to the products and services.
 Product’s construction on customers’ request in a way that ensures the product to be sufficient for the purpose same is requested.
 A prompt provision of the various support services related to the products towards the company’s customers.
 The company’s staff continuous orientation, briefing and training.
 The provision of all needed resources in a way that the management system is efficiently operating. To monitor and audit all the information related to the management’s system parameters.
 Minimizing the environmental impact consequences resulting from the company’s activities.
 To locate, evaluate and control the direct or indirect environmental impacts that result from the company’s activities while inspecting the life circle of the products that we are able to have an affect on.
 Correctly managing the produced wastes following the corresponding regulations.
 To follow a rational and correct use of the natural resources while minimizing the negative effects our activities may have in the environment.
 To inform the staff and our customers on environmental issues.
 Encouraging and briefing of our staff for their active participation on occupational Health and Safety.
 To ensure and to promote the occupational health and safety of the company’s staff.
 Monitoring and applying on constant basis the national and EU legislation.
 Το bring in and to monitor the targets related to the quality, the environment and the occupatonal health and safety.
 The ongoing auditing of the present’s Policy adequacy.

It is responsibility of all the company’s executives to promote and to communicate the company’s policy in regard to quality, environment and occupational health and safety, making sure at the same time that this policy is comprehensible, is implemented and maintained in a way that the quality, the environment and the occupational health and safety concern everybody Independently of the position within the company, the whole staff contributes to the continuous improvement of the management system. Each member of the staff is equal to this contribution regardless of the position. The Management System of the company is supported by the management’s full commitment towards the Quality’s ideals and the respect to the Environment and to occupational Health and Safety.

Aspropyrgos 31/07/2023

Managing Director

Nikolaos Merkouris